How to fix the proximity sensor in Oneplus Nord

How to fix the proximity sensor in Oneplus Nord
How to fix the proximity sensor in Oneplus Nord

Introduction to Proximity Sensor Issues in Smartphones

The proximity sensor in a smartphone is akin to an invisible gatekeeper, ensuring that our interactions with the device are seamless and intuitive. In the OnePlus Nord, this sensor is particularly crucial for maintaining the delicate balance between accessibility and accidental touch prevention. in this blog i explain about how to fix the proximity sensor in Oneplus Nord.

  • Essential Role of Proximity Sensors: These sensors are indispensable in enhancing user experience by detecting close objects without any physical contact.
  • Impact on Phone Functionality: A well-functioning sensor is key to preventing unintended actions on the phone’s touchscreen during calls.

OnePlus Nord: Proximity Sensor Overview

The OnePlus Nord is equipped with a sophisticated proximity sensor, designed to streamline several functionalities that we often take for granted:

  • Screen Management During Calls: It ensures the screen is inactive to avoid unintentional inputs when the phone is held against the ear.
  • Energy Conservation: By dimming the display when not actively used, it contributes significantly to battery conservation.

Recognizing Proximity Sensor Problems in OnePlus Nord

When the proximity sensor begins to falter, certain tell-tale signs alert the user to potential issues:

  • Unresponsive Screen During Calls: The display remains lit or fails to deactivate, leading to accidental touch commands.
  • Awakening Challenges: Struggles with bringing the phone out of sleep mode can also indicate sensor issues.

Discussions on forums like the OnePlus community are rife with anecdotes of such sensor-related grievances.

Factors Affecting Proximity Sensor Performance

A myriad of factors can disrupt the delicate operations of your OnePlus Nord’s proximity sensor:

  • Interference from Screen Protectors: Improperly installed or low-quality screen protectors can obscure the sensor.
  • Software Glitches: Occasionally, a new update may inadvertently impair the sensor’s performance.
  • Wear and Tear: The sensor’s sensitivity can diminish over time due to physical impacts or environmental factors.

Understanding these variables is the first step in troubleshooting and rectifying any sensor issues with your device.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

DIY Fix the proximity sensor in Oneplus Nord

Before you consider a trip to the repair shop, there are several do-it-yourself strategies you can employ to potentially rectify the proximity sensor malfunctions on your OnePlus Nord.

  • Gentle Cleaning: Use a microfiber cloth to delicately wipe the sensor area, clearing away any obstructions like dust or smudges.
  • Settings Adjustment: Dive into the Settings menu to find any options related to the proximity sensor and adjust them to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Sensor Recalibration: A soft reset or a targeted recalibration can sometimes refresh the sensor’s functionality. This can often be done through the phone’s built-in diagnostic tools.

Technical Solutions and Repairs

If the problem with your OnePlus Nord’s proximity sensor persists despite your best efforts, it might be time to explore more technical solutions.

  • Professional Assistance: Contact OnePlus Customer Support if your device is under warranty, or seek out a certified technician for a professional assessment.
  • Warranty Considerations: Always check your device’s warranty status on the OnePlus website and utilize their customer support for guidance.

Preventing Future Proximity Sensor Issues

Maintaining the proximity sensor’s functionality is key to avoiding future disruptions.

  • Routine Maintenance: Regularly clean your device and be mindful of how environmental factors like temperature and moisture might affect your phone.
  • Accessory Selection: Opt for accessories, particularly screen protectors and cases, that are confirmed to be compatible with the OnePlus Nord to prevent any sensor blockage.


In this section, we’ll address some of the most common queries users have regarding the proximity sensor issues on the OnePlus Nord.

Q: How can I identify a faulty proximity sensor?
A: Look out for signs like the screen not turning off during calls or the display behaving erratically.

Q: Is it possible to recalibrate the proximity sensor on my device?
A: Yes, the OnePlus Nord typically offers recalibration options either through the settings menu or specific hardware diagnostic codes.

Q: What should I do if my sensor is still not working after trying home remedies?
A: It’s advisable to reach out to OnePlus support or take your device to a certified repair shop to avoid further damage.

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