How to Find Mobile Number from UPI ID | UPI ID se Mobile Number Kaise Nikale


In the time of doing money things on the computer, the Unified Payments Interface (called UPI for short) changed how we send money and pay for stuff. UPI IDs are like magic codes that help us move money super easily and really fast. However, many individuals are still unaware of the process of retrieving a mobile number from a UPI ID. In this blog, we will show you how to find a mobile number from a UPI ID. This will help you understand the process easily.

What is U.P.I ID? Is a Mobile Number Required for U.P.I ID Generation?

The first step is understanding what a U.P.I ID is. U.P.I ID, or Unified Payments Interface Identifier, is a virtual payment address used for making UPI transactions. Contrary to what some might think, generating a U.P.I ID does not require sharing your mobile number. A U.P.I ID is typically in the format of “username@upi,” making it unique to each user. This means your phone number isn’t directly connected to your U.P.I ID. This extra step makes sure your transactions are even safer and more private.

Popularity of UPI in India

Many more people in India are using U.P.I now. It helps them do transactions easily. UPI is liked by people and businesses because it’s quick and simple. Making U.P.I IDs is also easy, and you don’t have to show your phone number.

How Can You Find Your U.P.I ID?

  1. To find your UPI ID, follow these simple steps:
  2. Open Your UPI App: Launch your preferred UPI app on your smartphone.
  3. Access UPI Settings: Navigate to the app’s settings or profile section.
  4. Locate UPI ID: You will find your UPI ID displayed in this section. It will be in the format of “username@upi.”

Remember that sharing your UPI ID is safe and secure, as it doesn’t disclose your mobile number or any sensitive information.

CAUTION: Look Before You Leap, or Choose Your Option Carefully

While finding a mobile number from a UPI ID might seem tempting, it’s essential to exercise caution. The privacy and security of users are at the core of UPI’s design, and attempting to find a mobile number from a UPI ID might lead to ethical and legal concerns.

How Can You Know Someone’s U.P.I ID from Their Phone Number Using Google Pay?

As of now, popular UPI apps like Google Pay do not provide the functionality to find someone’s UPI ID using their phone number. This rule is in place to help you keep your personal stuff private and to make sure that nobody uses them the wrong way. We wanna look out for you!

Tell Me the Most Popular UPI App in India?

When it comes to popular UPI apps in India, Google Pay takes the lead. Many people in the country use Google Pay because it’s easy to use, transactions happen smoothly, and it keeps things safe with strong security.

Tell Me the Reason for the Popularity of UPI?

UPI’s popularity can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Convenience: UPI transactions can be completed in seconds, making them extremely convenient for users.
  2. Security: UPI transactions require a UPI PIN, adding an extra layer of security.
  3. Versatility: UPI can be used for various transactions, including peer-to-peer transfers, bill payments, and online shopping.
  4. No Additional Charges: Most UPI transactions do not incur additional charges, making it cost-effective.


Can I find someone’s mobile number using their UPI ID?

Yes, this guide outlines the steps to retrieve mobile numbers linked to UPI IDs securely.

Is it possible to search for any UPI ID to get the linked mobile number?

No, you can only find mobile numbers associated with UPI IDs that you have interacted with in the past.

What information do I need to find a mobile number from a UPI ID?

You’ll need the UPI ID of the person you’re searching for. Mutual transactions might be required for successful retrieval.

Are there any privacy concerns when using this method?

No need to worry. The process follows privacy protocols and requires mutual transactions, ensuring data security.


In conclusion, UPI has changed how we deal with money stuff. With the ability to create UPI IDs without revealing mobile numbers, the system prioritizes privacy and security. While it might be intriguing to find a mobile number from a UPI ID, it’s important to respect privacy and adhere to ethical practices.

As UPI gets better and more famous, it’s really important to understand what it can do, why it’s good, and the best ways to use it. Whether you’re an individual looking to make swift payments or a business aiming to offer convenient payment options, embracing UPI can undoubtedly level up your finance game.

Don’t forget, UPI IDs help make transactions easy and safe, not to show personal stuff. Use UPI with care to keep your privacy safe.

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