How to screenshot on gateway laptop- You never know!

Hello guys, hope you all are doing well. If you are having trouble taking screenshots on gateway laptop then you are at the right place. This blog will help you in how to take screenshots on payment gateway laptop.

As usual, most people know how they can take screenshots on their mobile phones. The screenshot taken on the gateway laptop is very easy. We will also tell you how to take a screenshot and provide some secret tips. Follow the following steps:-

5 best methods to take screenshot on a gateway laptop

We are telling you the 5 different methods to take a screenshot. These methods can be confusing to you but trust me i would not like to provide you with false tips but different laptops have different methods to take screenshots on gateway laptop. You can try one of them.

1. Screenshot with the Print Screen Button

How to screenshot on gateway laptop

This is the first method that most people use very quickly. This will capture the entire screen and save it as the File Explorer<Pictures<Screenshot.

Steps to follow the first method

  • Press down the “Print Screen” key (abbreviated as Prt scr). Although there won’t be a visible indication, rest assured that your screenshot has been saved to your clipboard.
  • Now, you can open your preferred image editing software like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and paste the screenshot into it. Once done, you have the option to edit or add annotations to the screenshot before saving it as an image file

2. Screenshot by Snipping tool

How to screenshot on gateway laptop

This tool is only available in Windows Laptops and has all types to take screenshots. 

There are 4 types of screenshot in snipping tool are:

Rectangular Snip: The rectangular snip function is employed for capturing screenshots in a rectangular shape. With this, you can choose and capture the specific area in the rectangular area of your screen.

Full-screen Snip:- The work of this snip is as well the name of the snip. This will capture the entire screen.

Freeform Snip:- The free- form snip allows to align the personalised shape and capture that area. You can capture them in any shape.

Window Snip:- This will capture the particular window.

3. Window Snip and Sketch Tool

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Press the Window  + Shift + S on your laptop to open the snip and sketch tab

There have also 4 types of snip are:

  • Rectangular snip
  • Full-screen snip
  • Freeform snip
  • Window snip

 They all are same in process as the Snipping tool

4. Windows Game Bar

How to screenshot on gateway laptop

This feature name is Xbox Game Bar feature of Windows is another fantastic method for taking screenshots on gateway laptop.

It provides a range of options and tools to effortlessly capture customised screenshots.

While primarily designed for recording gameplay, this feature can also be used to screenshot regular applications you use daily.

Follow the steps to capture a screenshot on the Laptop with the Windows Game Bar tool.

  • Press the combination of Windows+ G on your keyboard, which will bring up the game bar widget.
  • Once it’s open, simply click on “Capture” to begin the screenshot process. If you can’t find this option then access the Widget menu and enable the “Capture” feature.
  • Next, select the icon resembling a camera- clicking on this will capture a screenshot of your entire screen. 

5. Screenshot by using the Third-Party App

How to screenshot on gateway laptop

I was using the third party app to take a screenshot when I was not aware of these methods. 

I am telling you about some apps which I used to take screenshots. 

  • Lightshot:

Lightshot is a free of cost screenshot tool that allows you to easily capture a high resolution screenshot. By default, it employs the Print Screen button as its shortcut for capturing screenshots. 

Lightshot is available in both windows application form and as a browser extension. You have the option to install either of these versions on your Gateway laptop capturing screenshots.

  • Greenshot

Greenshot stands out as another superb third-party application designed for capturing screenshots.

In the depth, greenshot continues capturing the screen as you scroll down, eliminating the need to take multiple screenshots of the same page. 

There are many other tools available and you can also apply those tools to capture the screenshots.

Find the Screenshot in gateway laptop

Sometimes we can’t find the screenshots that we had taken with such a tool. So, the screenshots are located in these files. 

Follow the steps to find your screenshot have been taken:

  • Go to the File Explorer
  • Click to the Pictures
  • Click to the Folder named as Screenshots

You will find all the screenshots there you have taken.


Are there any shortcuts for capturing screenshots?

A: Absolutely! Shortcuts like Windows + Shift + S and Print Screen make capturing screenshots quicker and easier.

Q: How can I edit screenshots after capturing them?

Most methods provide basic editing tools, and you can also use image editing software for more advanced edits.

Can I capture screenshots of specific applications?

A: Yes, methods like Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tool allow you to capture specific windows or areas.

Do I need to download third-party software for basic screenshot needs?

A: No, Windows provides built-in tools like Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch that cover basic screenshot requirements.

Can I use these methods to capture screenshots of videos?

Yes, these methods work for capturing screenshots from videos, ensuring you capture the perfect moment.


Taking screenshots on a gateway Laptop becomes a simple task once you’re familiar with the methods to take screenshots on Laptop Gateway. Whether that is built-in keyboard shortcuts, Snipping tool or Third- Party App. Each approach presents its benefits and it will suits on different scenarios. 

By following the detailed instructions and making use of the suggestions given in this article, you can easily capture screenshots on your Gateway Laptop.

I think your all queries related to How to screenshot on gateway laptop!!

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